3 Good things


3 good things

October Positive Psychology Intervention of the month.

 So, it’s October and we are ready for a new intervention.

Positive Psychology Interventions are like our gym exercises.

They keep us mentally healthy, change our cognitive behaviour patterns and help us to keep on top of our mental fitness. I like to try a new one every month, as I like to practice what I preach.

I find some easier to apply to my life than others, last month was mindfulness and I struggled to get a regular practice going. This does not mean I have given up. I just need to help it become a habit.I know mindfulness and meditation make me feel better, I just need to be better at fitting it into my day. 

 This month is a little bit easier.

Starting a regular gratitude practice,  this is easier as it is already a practice I have done before but recently I have let it slide a little bit. If you would like to join in for October, follow me on Instagram and add your own three things that you are grateful for using the hashtag #kcgrateful . This can also be done on Twitter or you can add a photo or comment to the bottom of the blog I would love to see the things that you are grateful for.

See below for how to get started. 

The practice

 There are three key elements to this making an impact on your life.

  1. Find a way to write it down

(I use a gratitude journal.) You can put it on your phone, if you want to be accountable you can share to with a friend via email or text.

  1. Reflect on why this makes you happy.

Think about it.  What are the elements of this that you like? Why is it important to me? 

  1. Timing. 

 I am going to attempt to do this every day for month. That’s quite a lot and I would love you to join me. I will be updating my 3 things on Instagram stories. 

You can do it every day for a week, or once a week for six weeks.

Whatever your time scale try and make it consistent.

 Research has shown that practising gratitude raises happiness levels and this increases as you do it for longer periods. (Sheldon and Lyubomirsky, 2004), (Martin Seligman  et al 2005)

Here the benefits from Martin Seligman below. 

Good luck with your gratitude practice, please let me know how you are doing and if this is making a difference to your life.