Why I love January!

I love January. 

It is at this time of year, I can really tell that I get on people’s nerves. 

You see I absolutely , flipping love January with all my heart, for these five reasons. 

Long dark nights 

I don’t get the January blues, I know I am lucky.

I embrace January like a new page in a journal and I have a lot of journals this month. I cherish the long, dark nights and the cold winter air. I love that every morning feels like a fresh albeit frosty start. I love the potential of a snow day. Even though my boys are teenagers, one of my favourite parenting moments is to go and say, “there’s no school/ work” and see the delight in their faces as they turn over and switch of the light or in their younger  days bound out of bed and get ready to sledge in the smallest amount of snow. 

New beginnings.

I love good intentions, new starts, routine change and goal setting, well I would , it’s my job isn’t it?  

I love that my clients are motivated and enthusiastic and ready to go. 

I look at my house differently and start to plan the changes, what is working well and what isn’t? I think about how it can look better and make lists and get creative as I am spending more time than usual in it. I start to explore holiday destinations and dream about the travelling ahead. 


I start to look after myself. After the indulgence of Christmas and the stressful time leading up to the busy season, I start to slow down. I eat more healthily, I start to be stricter with bedtimes instead of staying up late and watching the news and ranting at the tv. (I get this from my dad!) I enjoy getting fit again, I want to eat well, and exercise and I start to feel physically and mentally good. 

Box Sets. 

The busyness of Christmas has gone. I love snuggling in front of the television, with box sets and dramas , Luther has started again, Cold Feet is back, and they have only gone and made a new BBC drama of Les Misérables. This is my idea of heaven. My boys don’t go out as much, they are saving for travelling, most of the parties are over, so we snuggle in as a family, safe and warm and grateful, for all that we have and all that is to come. 

My new year courses 

I love that I have a New Year- New You workshop at the Wildmoor Spa on the 8th January, in Stratford upon Avon. Find out more here.

I enjoy seeing the many words that people choose for their year. I love that my own word has such hope and potential see this post.  

I enjoy the closed Facebook group that runs for the whole of January getting a more in depth view of peoples hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  You can join us here, sign up for the short course, the sooner you join the more value you have as this group is open for advice and coaching throughout January. I am there daily encouraging and exploring and supporting you to implement positive psychology strategies that will protect you and hep you to thrive not just for the year but for a lifetime. 

So, If you would like to love January too. 

Join us

Do you like January? Why or Why not?

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