The magic of music

Music fills my soul

I said ‘yes’, last night, to go and see a band (Boyzone) who I always thought were ‘pleasant listening’ but if I’m honest , I would never have bought a ticket. I said ‘yes’ because I was going with some amazing friends who make me laugh so much I could sit in a car park with them and have a good time.

I mainly said ‘yes’ because I will try any music once, this is how I have discovered most of the best and unusual bands I now listen to . 

I love live music, it has been a constant thread through my life, giving me the highest of highs and holding me up through the lowest of lows. Music has been at the heart of my life, the heart of relationships, the heart of every memorable event of my life. I can’t remember what I did yesterday or where I put my car keys but I can remember every musical event, I have been to and almost every lyric to every song from the 80’s and beyond.

Times, people, smells and memories when meaningful songs come on and they whisk me back to that feeling, that place and that memory,  to savour all over again.

As we sang our hearts out last night, I was transfixed with the unity of being in a music audience, the feeling of oneness, the memories and shared smiles of groups of people who are reliving the time they heard that song before. I love the different ‘personalities ‘ of audiences, the mix of genders and ages and dresses for different bands. The exquisite feeling a being ‘bang in the middle’ of another special night, that you know will last in your heart and conversations for years to come. 

I looked around the arena and saw people ‘savouring’ every second of their evening. Savouring is something we study in Positive Psychology, it’s taking in every detail of the moment and feeling it, wallowing in it. 

I also saw people who were not ‘in the room’. Standing still and filming the whole show, without clapping, messaging about it on their phones and answering texts. People who left before the end to ‘beat the rush. (I get it, if you had the last train, I don’t mean you)

I saw people who ‘were just not there’. 

How much of our lives can be like that? 

How often are we not savouring the magic of the moment? 

I came home last night with an uplifted, euphoric feeling that only live music can give you, with some life laws that I think everyone going to a gig should live by.

  1. Always say ‘yes’ to any band. I mean any, even the ones you think you don’t like. My sons have introduced me to the best bands. Take one or two photos and one video, then put your phone down and be in the room. (you won’t watch what you have filmed after a week, you can’t capture a feeling!)

2. Savour every moment of being there, if you bought a ticket, somehow make some arrangements. So many people now leave before the encore.

3. You are missing the greatest songs, it’s a bit rude to the artist and you are moving everyone around you.

4. Gather some great friends and try some new/ old music you didn’t get to see the first time around and give it a chance, it will open your world to new experiences, friends and life. 

I hope you get to see as many bands as you can this year, in small and huge venues. Let me know your favourite ones and I can add them to my list.

I am now choosing what I shall wear for ‘Tears for Fears’ on Tuesday and giddy with excitement. 

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