My name is Kim,  thank you for visiting my website. 

In order for you to trust me as your life coach, it’s only fair that you should know a little bit about me.  

I have had two main careers, firstly, working as Cabin Crew for British Airways, which is probably where my curiosity of people started. There is no greater place to meet people from all walks of life, than in the captive space of an aeroplane. After 8 years, I met my husband on a flight to Charlotte where he discovered my inability to make decent tea, my hatred of window shopping and then later, rescued me with a can of de-icer, as I tried to remove ice from my car with a Neil Diamond cassette!!

We were lucky, that despite this strange meeting we went on to marry and  have two amazing boys, I stopped work and looked after them until my youngest went to school.  I finished my degree and trained to be a teacher. I adored teaching and particularly enjoyed the pastoral work ,helping teenagers with a variety of problems and issues that modern life throws at them. I knew that i wanted to enable these young people to thrive and enjoy their lives to the full. 

It was during this time that I began to realise my work/life balance had no balance. After, ten years of teaching, I was finding myself working till very late at night, always carrying marking with me and my head was full, all the time. 
I became distracted, I stopped saying “yes’ to things I loved and I never felt present.

There were things, I wanted to know about, things I wanted to try, places I wanted to visit and most importantly, people I wanted to spend time with. It was time to look at my life and make some changes. 

So here I am, with a very different and more balanced life.

I am a student at the University of East London, studying a course in Positive Psychology and Coaching.  Alongside, my paid work of coaching, I am an area lead and consultant for Worth-it resilience where I visit many schools across the UK delivering well-being courses for teachers, students and parents. I feel so strongly about the mental health of the young people and love working with them. 
Most importantly, I get to coach people who need help and clarity and focus on their own goals and dreams. People who know they need to make some changes to how they are living but just don’t know how.

Please head to my facebook page or follow me on twitter to find out more. 

If you are struggling with any area of your life and want help to discover the life you want to live please book an introductory 30 minute call. 

Let’s work together to ensure you are thriving in your own life.